Smile Advanced Dental Care | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dentist in New Braunfels

Did you know that patients diagnosed with cancer should undergo dental screenings prior to treatment?

Dr. Matos offers FREE dental screenings for all patients recently diagnosed with cancer and about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment. He hopes to provide some relief during this already stressful time.

Cancer treatments will suppress your immune system, causing active oral infections/bacteria to potentially become widespread and difficult to control.
The objectives of a dental/oral examination before cancer therapy starts are three-fold:

    • To identify and stabilize or eliminate existing and potential sources of infection and local irritants in the oral cavity—without needlessly delaying the cancer treatment or inducing complications.

    • To communicate with the oncology team regarding the patient’s oral health status, plan, and timing of treatment.

    • To educate the patient about the importance of optimal oral care in order to minimize oral problems/ discomfort before, during, and after treatment and about the possible acute and long-term effects of the therapy in the oral cavity and the craniofacial complex.

Dr. Matos and his Team at Smile Advanced Dental Care understand that the diagnosis of cancer comes with many unknowns. Your oral health should not be one of them!

Check out this website for more information on oral health concerns/recommendations before, during, and after cancer treatment.