New Braunfels Local Artist | Flo Landsteiner

Dentist in New Braunfels

My name is Florence (Flo) Landsteiner. I was born in a small town in western Minnesota.  I lived on the family farm with my parents and 13 brothers and sisters, I am number 12. My father was a farmer, and my mom was a housewife. When I was 7 my parents sold all the farm equipment and my father started working for the Department of Natural Resources for the State of Minnesota. 6 years later my family moved to Lake City (eastern) Minnesota where my father, became a State Park Manager. I picked up a camera when I was about 16, and along with the several art and photography classes in high school, I ended up loving Photography. Luckily, I was surrounded by a State park so I was fortunate enough to have a lot of wildlife, wild flowers and landscapes to shoot. Putting Photography on hold, after my High School graduation, I attended a 2 year college and graduated with a culinary degree. I worked in the culinary field, in Minneapolis and Northern California, for about 10 year’s total, putting a flare of Art on my different Dishes. In December of 1982, I joined the Army Reserves and in 1984 I moved to California. I lived in a small town in northern California, by San Francisco, working in Italian, French and Continental cuisine restaurants. That’s where I met my husband in May of 1987 and in 1998 we were married.

I picked up my camera again when I had my children, Jacob and Jackson, taking images of them playing sports, and landscapes on the many adventures in the states we traveled. My husband was Active Army so we moved around and that gave me the incentive to capture the beauty in the different states we lived in. I retired from the Army Reserves in 2004 and my husband 2008 to Cibolo, TX. I went back to College in 2010; graduated with a Photography Degree in 2013, and started my own business, Flo’s Photography.  I love taking images of everything especially Sports, Fine Art, and Landscapes,

I continue to this day to shoot every chance I get and go on adventures with my camera in hand!